Creating a nicely structured FP

The more complex a fight plan becomes, the higher the risk of getting completely lost with it. Having a nice structure to the plan helps, and also makes it easier to change the plan later to suit a different opponent.

Surprise your opponents, not yourself

There aren't many things more annoying than seeing your fighter do something you didn't want, and throw the fight away as a result - particularly in a World Title bout!

Poker thinking, part II: the battle of mistakes

Poker has often been called the "battle of mistakes". Let's see what this means and in particular, what it means in WeBL.

Career Watch - Third fights

Another week, and another couple of opponents who should be fairly easy...

Career Watch - Second fights

It's another couple of sub-par opponents for Hamsun and Wergeland, but Wergeland might have to work hard...

Career Watch - First Fights!

A bit later than promised, but here we go. First fights are tomorrow, and it looks like a soft start for both Wergeland and Hamsun.